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-BEE POLLEN- THE ULTIMATE PROTEIN Did you know Bee Pollen is more protein rich than any animal source?​ Bee-gathered Pollen are made up of approximately 40% protein, amino-acids, vitamins, B-complex and folic acid. Folic acid, amongst other things, helps make new blood cells. You can get Bee Pollen in granules or chewable tablet form which make for an energy boosting, healthy snack, you can take wherever you go.  WHAT IS BEE POLLEN FOR? Bee Pollen has many benefits including: Energy […]

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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 3-

VITAMINS SOUND LIKE TOO MUCH WORK- WHY NOT JUST MEDICATE STRESS? Strangely enough, almost all anxiety, stress and “mind-related” medication is made of mainly chemicals foreign to the human body. They may seem to help for a bit, but, while doing it, they actually burn up MORE B-1 and B-Complex each time you take them, creating a bigger problem or deficiency, than when you started. This creates the need to have more “medication” to stay sane and happy. And it wastes […]

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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 2-

…Continued from last article ‘The Real Stress Remedy Part 1  (be sure to read part 1 first !) WHY TAKE B-VITAMINS-WHY NOT JUST EAT FOOD? Some say why do I have to take a supplement, why can’t I just eat?” While that is a very sensible question, the simple answer is: With the current level of sugar, chemical, carbohydrate and pollution intake in this day and age, the ratio of nutrition (like vitamin B-1) we […]

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Why Take B Vitamins

Sometimes we forget why we should focus on certain foods, or take supplements.  The B Complex vitamins are so important that many processes in your body would literally shut down without them. The B vitamins are needed for energy production, enzymatic activity, metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates, nervous system, healthy hair, skin and nails and much more.  In fact, the list is almost endless! Below is a list of all 8 B vitamins, a […]

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