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Detoxing – Your Life Depends On It

Detoxing the Contamination Is the contamination of our earth, sky and oceans repairable?   According to an excellent (but frightening) audio interview I listened to on geoengineering the other day, possibly not. Both the host, and guest on the show, thought that we have gone past the point of no return to restore health to our planet. But I am the eternal optimist.  I think if we can stop the catastrophic environmental actions the governments […]

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Say Goodbye to Organic Food

Does Organic Food Really Exist Anymore? The other day I was thinking, every continent is being  bombarded regularly  with chemtrails full of radioactive particles, bacteria, heavy metals and god knows what else.  How can we still consider organic food, which is grown outdoors, organic anymore? Just out of curiosity, I googled the word “organic”.  This is the first definition I found: “Organic foods must be produced without the use of most conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, […]

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Chemtrails – Poison From the Sky

Geo Engineering – Poisoning Humanity If you are reading this blog, you are probably already aware of chemtrails. Though the government is not coming out and publicly admitting to their existence, neither are they denying them. After all, the government is the one doing the spraying. Thanks to communication technology like the internet, it is very difficult to keep a secret nowadays. See the video link at the bottom from UN Leader confirming their existence and […]

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