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Colds and Stuffy Noses

Cold and Stuffy Noses  Hi Everyone, We noticed that there is a cold going around, so we decided to dig up some simple workable remedies online on natural cold and flu preventions for you all. Colds are actually easy to handle or prevent, you just have to know how. Most products we’ve listed here you can order by phone, on our website at www.vites.com or, you can come into the store, (we have great deals all […]

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How to Avoid the Dentist Forever

Never Need the Dentist Again I haven’t been to a dentist in 21 years (I am now 56).  No, my teeth aren’t yellow and neither am I missing any teeth.  Do I have a few cavities? Sure, but what is with the obsession about having to fill a few holes if you have good dental hygiene?  Do I come from a family with amazing teeth?  Not at all.  My mother had rotten teeth and had […]

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