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Colds and Stuffy Noses

Cold and Stuffy Noses  Hi Everyone, We noticed that there is a cold going around, so we decided to dig up some simple workable remedies online on natural cold and flu preventions for you all. Colds are actually easy to handle or prevent, you just have to know how. Most products we’ve listed here you can order by phone, on our website at www.vites.com or, you can come into the store, (we have great deals all […]

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Make Your Own Natural Antibiotics

If you live on planet earth, you are bound to catch something at some point.  You might get a fungal infection, bacteria invasion, or one of the many viruses that are constantly circulating. Many bacteria have become antibiotic resistant like Staphylococcus (MRSA). Once upon a time  MRSA was only caught in hospitals. Now, it has spread throughout the population. MRSA is nasty, and can even result in death. What happens when conventional drugs can’t destroy […]

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