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Fluoride in Water Banned in Almost Every Country

Other Countries Ban Fluoride – Why Not The USA? Last month,  the Ministry of Health in Israel removed a mandatory requirement for water fluoridation that had been in place since 1970. Israel now has a nation-wide ban on fluoridation. Israel now joins the majority of Europe where fluoridation is banned.  In fact, 98% of European countries do not allow fluoride in their water because it is not safe. Even our Canadian neighbors to the north […]

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How to Avoid the Dentist Forever

Never Need the Dentist Again I haven’t been to a dentist in 21 years (I am now 56).  No, my teeth aren’t yellow and neither am I missing any teeth.  Do I have a few cavities? Sure, but what is with the obsession about having to fill a few holes if you have good dental hygiene?  Do I come from a family with amazing teeth?  Not at all.  My mother had rotten teeth and had […]

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