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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 3-

VITAMINS SOUND LIKE TOO MUCH WORK- WHY NOT JUST MEDICATE STRESS? Strangely enough, almost all anxiety, stress and “mind-related” medication is made of mainly chemicals foreign to the human body. They may seem to help for a bit, but, while doing it, they actually burn up MORE B-1 and B-Complex each time you take them, creating a bigger problem or deficiency, than when you started. This creates the need to have more “medication” to stay sane and happy. And it wastes […]

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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 2-

…Continued from last article ‘The Real Stress Remedy Part 1  (be sure to read part 1 first !) WHY TAKE B-VITAMINS-WHY NOT JUST EAT FOOD? Some say why do I have to take a supplement, why can’t I just eat?” While that is a very sensible question, the simple answer is: With the current level of sugar, chemical, carbohydrate and pollution intake in this day and age, the ratio of nutrition (like vitamin B-1) we […]

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