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Are Mandatory Vaccinations Coming?

Will Ebola Be the Excuse for Mandatory Vaccinations? For years I have watched the ruling elite destroy the health of mankind. One of my greatest fears used to be that one day a crisis would be manufactured that would usher in the day  of mandatory vaccinations.  Is the Ebola crisis  the excuse the government will use to implement this? It is no secret that vaccinations have (are) been used for nefarious purposes.  For decades women in […]

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How To Avoid School Vaccinations

Every State Has Vaccination Exemptions In a few weeks, millions of children will once again return back to school.  But only if the children have had their “mandatory” vaccinations will they be allowed to enroll.  What if vaccinations weren’t so mandatory? Vaccinations Cause Outbreaks Vaccinations are medical atrocities being forced on populations around the world for a very nefarious agenda.  Not only do they wreak havoc on our physical and mental health, vaccinations actually cause outbreaks […]

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