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Monsanto – Losing Business Everywhere

The entities running Monsanto these days are probably not very happy.  All around the globe, Monsanto’s products are being banned. Switzerland Two Swiss supermarket chains, “Coop” and “Migros” have announced they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate (i.e. Roundup), and will be exploring non-toxic weed alternatives. Germany Last September German retail giant (350 stores) “toom Baumarkt DIY” decided to remove all glyphosate-containing products from their shelves. The cultivation and sale of GM maize […]

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The Exploding Growth of Autism

A few weeks ago Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a senior research scientist at MIT, announced at a conference, “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic”.  For over 3 decades Dr. Seneff has been researching biology and technology with her main concentration in recent years on the relationship between nutrition and health. Why 50% of Children May Soon Be Autistic According to Dr. Seneff’s findings, autism closely mimics glyphosate toxicity.  Glyphosate is […]

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Deadly Herbicide Pending Approval

Dow’s Bigger and Better Herbicide Thanks to Monsanto’s RoundUp,  new  super weeds have evolved that require a new super herbicide.  Dow Chemical, right up there with Monsanto’s urge to help humanity, has developed the perfect one. Super weeds are something like super bugs that have become resistant to antibiotics. Only instead of antibiotics, super weeds have become resistant to herbicides, the baddest being Monsanto’s RoundUp.   Mother nature has a way of getting back at us […]

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