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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 3-

VITAMINS SOUND LIKE TOO MUCH WORK- WHY NOT JUST MEDICATE STRESS? Strangely enough, almost all anxiety, stress and “mind-related” medication is made of mainly chemicals foreign to the human body. They may seem to help for a bit, but, while doing it, they actually burn up MORE B-1 and B-Complex each time you take them, creating a bigger […]

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The Real Stress Remedy -Part 1-

A REAL STRESS REMEDY FOR 2016 Every person I know of or have met has some kind of problem with either sleep, mood, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, nervousness or energy (too much or too little), that they would like to solve. WHAT CAUSES IT ? The question is what causes the problem? In this current […]

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Sleeping Problems? Need Help Relaxing?

Tired of Not Sleeping? Do you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep?  Is lack of good quality sleep affecting your daily performance? Inadequate sleep is a big problem for millions of people. Stress, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies are amongst the main reasons for poor quality sleep.   Insufficient Energy If you […]

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